Yozgat Organized Industrial Zone was established in 2000 ÖZEL KAZAN, since the establishment of quality and trust-rule, in the warm relationships with customers, boiler and pressure vessels in the sector has risen to a position with a brand value of the company. Our company; Solid, Liquid, Gas fuel fired Hot Water Boilers, Hot Water Boilers, Steam Boilers, Thermal Oil Boilers, Chimney, Flue Gas Filter and other Heating Devices and also Pressure Vessels, design, production, variety of products with sales and after-sales services and capacity the range is improving itself every day. Our Research and Development activities, adapting to the age of technology in our products and in production, and we update constantly our production speed and quality of our products. The energy of fossil fuels producing the environmentally friendly system that converts heat energy to our company, our expert engineers, we have a position that differs from competitors with contracting services based on customer needs As the author of several reference projects at home and abroad ÖZEL KAZAN, manufactures and offers the added value of the contribution to the national economy. We are looking to the future and timely delivery to our customers with quality business friendly 'policy, we continue our way through.

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